Ting – the Caldron of Love

To Vishvamitra, in whose heart lies a whole universe

When I met your eyes

I felt at Peace

Knowing that Love

Was taking care of me.

Because it’s trough devotion

That we become an instrument

of Love

So shiny

That we can shine

The world around.

I was around

And was shined by you.

I am grateful

Because the sun is

At the same time

Subtle and concrete.

An unconditional star

That can be loved

As a big ball of fire

Or just

An indirect and tender


I’m grateful

Feeling that,

As the sun,

You can only shine

In such a subtle way

Because the source of what you do

Is something concrete and true

What your have is concrete

What you do is concrete

And every single action

Of receiving us

Feeding us

Listening to us

Driving us

I-Chinging us

Giving us your precious feedbacks

All of this is so



So, please,

Keep on smiling

–          To yourself, first,

And then to the world –

Because that smile

Is one small thing

That makes us Great.

Gurucaran, January, 21st, 2013, Washington DC