Cultural Sustainability as a visible field – let’s do this together?


After years working to contribute to the development of leaderships and organizations to incorporate sustainability as a key concept of their worldviews, I felt it was time to take this work to a next level. Being very entrepreneurial, my career built its foundation on actions. Now, I needed to take time to reflect upon everything I had been doing.

After some research, I found out about Goucher College’s Master in Cultural Sustainability, to which I applied and was admitted. It is a fantastic program, that has been challenging me intellectually and, also, to take new, powerful and meaningful actions. One of them, is to start this series of blog posts, to reflect and share insights on my work as a cultural pioneer.

My first inquiry is how to create new fruitful partnerships for the research and work I’m developing during this Masters. In my case, my calling is to foster the very field of Cultural Sustainability, helping to systematize and organize knowledge, frameworks, projects and leaders that are developing it.

Cultural Sustainability is a new field, with an emergent culture of its own. No wonder this master’s Program is one of the very few I found when searching on the internet. Thus, definitions, concepts, researches, organized movements, are still scattered and not so accessible for a wider audience.

But what if we started to do that? What if we made it visible the various works being done on Cultural Sustainability, integrating these works as one whole (even if not coherent) field? What if we organized definitions, books, frameworks, videos, tutorials, networks, that moved conversation and work on Cultural Sustainability foward? What if we started to do this together?

During my Masters, my goal will be to move forward the systematization of two “schools” of Cultural Sustainability: the one that is being developed by Goucher College, through its Masters in Cultural Sustainability (MACS) – which shall be may main focus – and the one that is being developed by me, in Brazil, that will be presented as a “case study” that is influenced by MACS.

For those who don’t know my work, I’m refereing to my individual work as a facilitator and leadership trainer, and as one of the founders of Sustenta Mundo, the consultancy business I run with three other partners, and that is focused on helping organizations to develop sustainable cultures and relationships.

As a concrete result of the systematization, I will publish a book that organizes key definitions, concepts, bibliography and practical work that is being developed within those two “schools” of Cultural Sustainability.

This is important labor, that will increase in force and impact with the help of leaders and organizations that are thinking and working with Cultural Sustainability. Thus, this is a calling for Public and Private Universities, that may want to start Cultural Sustainability courses – undergraduate or graduate, short or long term. It is a calling for training centers of all kinds, especially the ones that work with innovation, and need to take a new step in offering new ways of thinking the world we live.

It is a calling for disruptive organizations, that want to train their leaders and staff on Cultural Sustainability and make it part of their organizational cultures. It is also a calling for trainers of trainers, leaders of leaders, mentors, top voicers, digital influencers, who want to spread sustainable mindsets onto the hearts and minds of people who they work with, so that work can be done with a healthier approach to life.

Would you be willing to be my partner?

Contact me. Or, very soon, I will contact you.


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